A Cold Morning in Valparaiso

I got an early start to work this morning, logging in around 8:00 AM. I continue to relish working with technology, as it enables me to not be tied to a physical office – and lets me work remotely should I need to.

Later on, when everyone else was up, Julie and I ventured outside to see what it felt like given the temperatures outside. I think it got around -18 or so at around this time, and I wanted to just snap a photo… just to document the moment. I don’t recall numbers like this, and wanted to just remember this cold spell for the future.

In Valparaiso, everything is quite still. The roads and driveways are clear, but there are vast stretches of ice that remain unblemished. The sun is out, the sky is a rich blue, and there just seems to be little movement anywhere.

We stayed outside for maybe 30 seconds, before coming inside. It didn’t seem all that terrible, standing out there in sweat pants and a hoodie… but I’m not sure what I was expecting. Instant pain? And immediate cracking of skin? 30 seconds seemed ok, but I’m positive that anything more than a minute would have gotten really bad.

Happy again to be inside, and in a warm space despite all this cold everywhere.

Planning to Flee

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