Temporary Arrangements

Since we left Chicago due to the cold, we’ve set up shop with Julie and Bob in Valparaiso. One really nice advantage for me (in addition to being able to work remotely) is that I got to take over their office, and set up my work area there.

And yes, I did bring my monitor over from home. Because that’s the kind of nerd I am. Two laptops are overkill (one is my work laptop, the other is my home laptop)… but Liz is using one of them to work remote on Friday, when DePaul opens again.

I’ve always enjoyed working remotely in Valparaiso, as there’s not a lot of noise or outside interruptions. I tend to get lost and pretty focused, when I’m working here – and it’s been even more so, behind a closed office door.

The bunnies are also set up in their own space, in the basement. While it’s a bit chilly down there, it most definitely would have been colder in their space at our house… so we’ve offset things a bit by adding a heater. And we also tried to help retain some of that heat by providing a drop cloth and some styrofoam insulation on each side.

When I go down to visit, I like to imagine that Daisy and Phineas are starting up a small shantytown. And that eventually, another tented area will pop up, with more bunnies moving in to eventually take over the whole of the basement.

Today was another very cold day, and I’m happy to report that we were all able to remain indoors. The temperatures start to go up tomorrow, and we’ll be heading back to the city in the evening. I’ve heard rumors that it’ll hit 50 degrees on Monday, which… sounds about right because we live in the Midwest. And huge swings in temperatures is what we do here.

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