Back Home

After several days away to avoid the brutal cold, staying with Bob and Julie in Valparaiso, we finished out the work day and drove back to the city.

I like the photo above because it suggests a very minimalist return. When in fact, we had the car packed to the gills: lots of luggage, two bunnies in a cat carrier, a box of hay, my computer monitor, you name it.

It was tucked away in my luggage, but I had two laptops, two keyboards, and three Magic Mice (why?) as part of our “working remote” supplies. I feel like 20 years ago, I would have just stuffed a few things in a backpack and would have been perfectly fine with that.

Luckily for us, Bob had gotten to the house in the afternoon to do some work. And so he turned on all the water again for us, and got the upstairs furnace running again. So that by the time we arrived, the house was pretty much back to normal.

[Photo via Erol Ahmed]

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