The Cabin in the Woods

I was really taken with “The Cabin in the Woods” the first time I saw it. I’m a fan of Joss Whedon’s writing, and though I’m not much into horror movies… this one was really fun.

I remember catching a small bit of the movie on TV, while we were away for the weekend at Kohler. Eventually, I ended up buying the movie on DVD.

Liz also like Whedon’s writing, but has a hard time with seeing disturbing images. Her visual memory and recall is such that once she sees something, it’ll stick around pretty much permanently. So she has to be very selective about what she “sees,” and it’s oftentimes challenging for me to recommend something.

While the movie has some gory elements to it, a lot of it is over the top. I’m happy to say that we ended up watching the movie together and that she did, I hope, find it enjoyable.

I wish I could find a good sample of the first 10 minutes of the movie. There’s this version, but the literal subtitles make it pretty annoying to watch. I would say it’s worth watching, but cover up the bottom of the screen and avoid the text/description.

My main goal is to share the fact that it’s not quite your typical horror movie. Here’s a slightly edited version of what’s called “the Harbinger scene”:

And here’s a scene that takes place maybe 10-15 minutes later, after the encounter:

Even if you’re not into scary movies, I say give this one a whirl. It’s pretty fun.

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