Basement Cleanup Prep

After work today, Liz and I spent a bit of time in the basement. We didn’t do a ton, but got some prep work finished so that we can better clean/organize things later on this week.

I cleared off a rolling cart on the second floor, which we’re relocating down here. Something I had forgotten about was that the carts are actually too tall for our basement (and Bob cut the current cart that’s down there to size).

Luckily for us, we have a lot of Bob’s tools currently in the basement. So I set up the pipe vise, and used a pipe cutter to trip down each leg.

The task was really straightforward, and I kept thinking how lucky we were to have access to all of Bob’s tools. I was also thinking about how effortless something can be, given that you have the right tools. I’m not sure how I would have done this, otherwise. Probably a scenario that involved a circular saw and me losing a few fingers.

The existing cart (that could use some cleaning and organizing).

I’m seeing double here – four carts!

While I was prepping the second cart, Liz worked on covering up the basement stairs.

We didn’t do a ton of work tonight, but we got things prepped for some additional cleaning and organizing in the basement. We’ve cleared and loaded up this area so many times, I’ve lost track. But we’re in a phase where the basement is full again, almost uncomfortably so. Which means we’re due for some cleanup work down here.

It wasn’t a ton for a Monday night, but it still felt good. Despite how tired we are when we get home from work, anytime we work on the house… it feels good to me. Any bit of progress is forward progress, and the basement is a prime candidate for work as we wait for our bedroom to get taped and primed.

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