Master Bedroom: Walls Taped and Sanded

This weekend, we got our bedroom officially taped, sanded, and painted with primer. The walls all have clean edges, everything is white, and the room actually looks like a room!

This is a huge milestone for us – we’re very close to getting this room set up, so that we can relocate our bedroom upstairs. And sleep in a normal room like normal people!

The transformation from what we had before, to what it looks like now is pretty incredible. I remember what all went on behind the scenes, but looking at the finished product is still very, very surreal.




What a difference.

The next big thing for me to do is to clean up all the drywall dust from the sanding. There are piles of dust everywhere, and a lot of mud caked onto the floor. Believe it or not, I’m really looking forward to that work.

Installing Drywall in the Master Bedroom
The Wall Grows
Master Bedroom Floor Demo, Part 2

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  1. Hi Felix,
    amazing, how far you have come! The room looks already lovely. :-)
    This is perseverance in its truest form in my opinion, so inspirational. Keep it up – you two are doing great!
    All the best,

    M. Reply

    • Thanks – it’s very exciting!

      avoision Reply

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