Master Bedroom: Cleanup, Part 1

After work, Liz and I divided and conquered some house tasks. She set about making some soup/dinner, and I suited up to take the first pass at cleaning our new soon-to-be bedroom.

A lot of the room was caked with drywall dust – the result of our taper sanding down the mud used on the drywall seams. Thankfully, it was all pretty heavy and didn’t billow out too far… but keeping things contained as a big priority.

I ended up taping some thin plasic over the bedroom doorway, and mostly protected the rest of the house from any work I did. After breaking down and relocating the Baker scaffold, I more or less locked myself into the room with the shopvac. Which continues to be worth is weight in gold.

I ran around the perimeter, and got most of the big dust piles. And after that, I used an extension and ran over every inch in the middle.

The force of the suction enabled me to pop off some dried bits of mud that had fallen to the plywood. But there’s still some large bits that need to get chipped up, as we’d like to clean this as much as we can.

Our plan is to leave the plywood as-is for a while, and throw some carpet over it as a temporary measure. Since we’re not installing hardwood floors yet up here, we want to reduce the dust as much as possible.

The good news – while I sealed in the room, it felt really warm. Granted, that might have been me bending over and working away cleaning the floor. And those flood lights put out a decent amount of heat.

But to date, this is the best insulated part of our house. And with the soundboard drywall, will also be the quietest. While we continue to improve the insulation and envelope of the rest of the house, this room will most definitely become our place of refuge.

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  1. Hi Felix,
    So I’ve been following your renovations since day one, but I’m still having trouble piecing it all together. Could I request a “State of the House” report? I’m having trouble seeing the forest for the trees. This is going to be so incredible when it’s finished. Can’t wait for the house warming!
    Best, a

    Alex Reply

    • A “State of the House” is tough, given how easily things can change. But here’s our best plans so far:

      Our main goal is to move our bedroom up to the actual master bedroom. Once we do this, we open up the living room and clear the way for us to demo those walls, add insulation, and replace the old windows with newer ones.

      The main goal for this year is to get the first floor in shape, to the point where we have as much done as we can. This means insulation in all the walls, new drywall on all the walls, and hardwood floors in each room.

      We have similar plans to get the kitchen in shape, but I’m less certain of whether we’ll be able to pull that off.

      Outside, we have a lot to tackle once the weather warms up. We’re going to get rid of the current porch, install new AC units, and set up a new porch after they’re in.

      Overall, it’s a pretty ambitious 9+ months. But our focus this year is to get the first floor as final as we can, to the point where we can entertain neighbors and friends.

      While we would love to have our office set up so that Liz can resume sewing again… the office really needs a great deal of work. So much so that to tackle it directly would likely consume the bulk of 2019. So our plan is to get the master bedroom habitable, move upstairs, punt on the remainder of the second floor, and focus primarily on the first floor.

      avoision Reply

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