Master Bedroom: Cleanup, Part 2

After work, Liz and I both suited up to tackle some more cleanup in the master bedroom. While I had gotten a good first pass done, there was still a lot of muck left on the plywood.

Normally, you wouldn’t really put a ton of time into cleaning this up. Sure, you’d want to pop off the biggest bits. But so long as things are mostly level… there’s going to be hardwood floor going down on top of the plywood, so what’s the point?

For us though, we’re a ways away yet from hardwood floors – at least on the second floor. So our short term plan is to put down some carpeting, and relocate the bedroom up here. And we’d address getting a proper floor at some future time. So for us, our goal was to clean the plywood as much as possible, to reduce as much dust as possible.

The funny thing is – my natural first inclination was to take something wet, like a mop, to clean everything up. But that’s bad for the plywood, and would have resulted in a sticky mess. Sanding and sweeping and shop vac it is.

One thing I found was using a scraper seemed to help. Even for areas that didn’t quite pop off in one shot, using this was a helpful first step.

After scraping things up by hand, we did another pass using some sandpaper. In hindsight, though it was a bit more strenuous, I think using the sandpaper directly might have been easier (and skipping the scraper might have been fine).

As clean as we got. We still have one more pass to do with the shop vac, but after scraping and sanding… we were tired and decided to call it a night (sadly, only after an hour or so).

With a little more cleaning, and a bit of carpet… we’ll have this looking like an actual room in no time. Our big plans for this weekend will be to relocate the bedroom upstairs to the bedroom! What a novel idea!

Master Bedroom: Cleanup, Part 1

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