Valentine’s Day Game Night

After work, Liz and I hung out in the kitchen and had a mini game night, to celebrae Valentine’s Day. We cracked open a bottle of wine tha we got from The Blind Horse, a winery we had visited over the holidays when we took a vacation in Kohler.

And for the game, Liz broke out the Royal Game of Ur.

I’m happy to report that we played two rounds, and I ended up winning both. I was on fire for the first game. And for the second, Liz held her own all the way up until the end… but I ended up catching a few lucky rolls and won the second as well.

As a funny note, Liz got me a small present – this booklet entitled “What Great Men Have Said About Women.” What’s most impressive is that this is part of a collection of booklets that she purchased nearly SEVEN YEARS AGO, and she was still able to find one to gift me. Despite the fact that most of our belongings are currently in storage.

Seven years since the last one. And I’m convinced that she’s got more. I wonder if it’ll be another seven years until I see the next.

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