The Big Bedroom Move, Part 1

On Saturday, we started the process of moving our bedroom to… an actual bedroom! It’s a huge milestone for us, as we’ve been sleeping in the living room ever since we first moved in.

The master bedroom has been totally reworked, since that time. From the early days before I knew how to demo a wall, to having all the walls removed on the second floor, to pulling up the floor… this room has really been rebuilt.

With fresh drywall (and sound attenuating drywall to boot) installed and taped, we were finally ready to move everything up!

Earlier in the day, Liz and I made a run to Home Depot to get some carpet padding for the downstairs area. Luckily for us, we ended up using those pieces for our upstairs.

Bob had saved and brought over some carpet that was originally in their house in Valparaiso. When we rolled it out, it ended up feeling a bit more worn/used that Liz and I would have liked, so we decided to start fresh with some new/cheap carpeting from Home Depot. So we headed back again, circa 4PM.

Luckily for us, Bob was still around and we were able to transport the carpet in his truck.

Prior to him leaving, Bob and I were able to haul up the mattress (which was harder than I thought it would have been). In a worst case scenario, we would just sleep on the mattress up here, if we didn’t get any further than this.

After an end-of-the-day beer with Bob, Liz and I continued working late into the evening… and broke down the bed frame, and hauled it upstairs.

The bed frame has given us no end of troubles, with every apartment move. The last two times we’ve had to break down and re-assemble this guy, we always struggled. And we always did so late at night, when both of us were tired/exhausted from a day of moving.

Tonight was somewhat similar, as we had a hard time getting the frame pieced back together. But we eventually got it set up. And were able to move up a lot of the bins that had been stored, underneath.

Back together at last!

I think we go everything up here around 9:30 or 9:45PM. A late night (particularly since we still needed to shower and eat dinner), but we’ve moved up!

I can’t stress enough how big of a milestone this is for us. I take my shoes off immediately on walking in here, so that I can luxuriate in walking around in my socks – something I’ve not been able to do anywhere else in the house.

The room is warm, and we’ve moved away from the cold problems of the living room (where the walls have no insulation). We no longer hear neighbors opening/closing garbage bins, and the room is incredibly dark (though we don’t yet have a door to the room).

It still hasn’t sunk in that we’ve moved up here. To really appreciate the full breadth of what’s gone on up here, check out the master-bedroom tag. We’re finally sleeping in a real, honest to goodness bedroom… and it’s an incredible feeling.

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