The Big Bedroom Move, Part 2

This is a view of our living room, after we moved the bed out. Taken last night, this is where we had dinner around 10:30 PM. Which totally felt weird, because we’re used to eating dinner in bed, while watching TV. It actually looks like a normal room, now.

Photo of our living room taken today, Sunday morning. Still a very surrreal thing to see, as this is where we’ve slept for the last few years.

Upstairs, getting all our DVDs set up in the media center. This bit of furniture was super heavy, and despite our best efforts… Liz and I couldn’t figure out a way to take out the drawers.

Liz had the good idea to break down the piece a bit more, so we removed the drawer covers, the top, as well as the side… which reduced the weight significantly. Enough so that we could haul this guy upstairs, just the two of us.

TV all moved upstairs, to our new bedroom! I still find this really funny because I’ve always wanted to have a TV in the bedroom, but Liz has felt otherwise. But given our situation downstairs… the TV and bed were in the same room out of necessity. And even now, they’re still in the same room by necessity.

My hope is that after all this time, she’s gotten a taste for having a TV in the bedroom… and has been won over to my side of things.

We used a few strips of the carpeting in the living room, to give the bunnies some running area (Phineas for one won’t really venture on bare wood, and feels more comfortable on carpeting).

Bunnies, exploring. They’re just as confused as us as to what’s going on in this room.

The Big Bedroom Move, Part 1

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  1. Congratulations to your big move and the bedroom! :-) I can only imagine how great this must feel.
    You already talked about demoing: are you also demoing the living room? The flooring looks really nice on the photos. Can you keep this or does this have to go?

    M. Reply

    • Thanks for the kind words, and sorry for the late reply – been a little busy over here.

      Yes, we still have some demo left to do on the first floor, and we do plan on removing the floor in the dining room. It does look pretty good in the photos (surprisingly). But the flooring you see is incredibly thin, and not something we want to keep.

      While I’m not looking forward to ripping up all the flooring, I’m excited we have someone who will install our floors once we’re ready. So in some respects, we’re about halfway there.

      avoision Reply

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