Phineas Meds

Giving Phineas his meds the other night, I paused when I looked at just how much he had in terms of medication.

He’s got a lot of regular meds (he suffers from E cuniculi), but he also has some extra meds to help with a cold he recently contracted. And on Sundays, he’s got an extra one that kind of takes his meds over the top.

Over the years, Liz and I have gotten pretty adept at caring for older bunnies (and arguably, we’ve helped care for one of the oldest bunny rabbits ever).

Phineas has been a delight ever since he joined our family. With all the meds he’s got, here’s hoping he’s with us for many more years to come (and can perhaps make his own attempt at a Guinness record).

Giving Medication to the Bunny Rabbits
Quincy and the Needle
Trying to Weigh Quincy the Rabbit

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