Luísa Sobral, Salvador Sobral: Só Um Beijo

Chalk this one up to the algorithms. I was rewatching Salvador Sobral’s performance of “Amar Pelos Dois” on YouTube, and one of the video teasers that show up afterwards was a clip featuring the Sobral siblings (Salvador and Luisa) performing a song called “Só Um Beijo.”

The sound quality isn’t great, and you have to really crank up the volume. But trust me on this, you’re going to want to crank up the volume.

Hearing the melodies blend into harmonies was delightful. And the more I listened to this song, the more I wanted to re-listen to it. So its’ been on a loop for me, for most of the past week.

I realize now how taken I was by Salvador’s voice in “Amar Pelos Dois.” But it’s really the music that’s captivated me more, and Luísa is the songwriter. It’s her work that has so ensorcelled me and I’m excited to explore more of her music on her album, “Rosa.”

That is, after I finish listening to “Só Um Beijo” just one more time. For a version of the song where you don’t have to crank up the volume, here it is from the album. Though turning up the volume is totally optional:

A silly thing: I’ve been listening to this a lot, walking to/from work. Particularly on my way in to work, I’m always in a rush… and trying to pass all the lumbering slow-walkers in my way. My usual trick hasn’t helped much, and from time to time… I catch how frustrated/impatient I feel, while having this song playing softly in the background. Inside, I’m absolutely annoyed and yet all I hear are these fantastic harmonies, ringing in my ears.

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