Two Photos of the Double Flop

With our big move upstairs, the living room is actually… a real room once again. We’ve set up our kitchen table and chairs in there, with a bit of extra carpeting to give the bunnies something to run around on.

We’ve eaten dinner in here a few times, and have hung out a bit watching TV on the iPad while the rabbits run around. With this space open, they now have two rooms they can dart in and out of… and we feel like they’ve really enjoyed it, as much as we do.

Tonight, Liz noticed that they both had nestled under the table by our feet… and both of them flopped!

For those that aren’t bunny owners, a rabbit flopping on their side is an indicator of comfort and ease. It’s a rare thing to see, and something they typically only do when they feel contented and safe. As their caretakers, Liz and I always feel great whenever we can catch one of them flopped over on their side.

But seeing it happen twice is doubly fantastic.

They look so tuckered out. It’s like they went on a weekend bender, and are sleeping it off.

The official verdict is in: everyone loves the new living room setup.

The Double Flop
Phineas Goes to Sleepytown
Phineas, Flopped

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