Obsessing Over Being Obsessive

A few days ago, I noticed that I wasn’t able to set a song to “repeat” on Spotify. I had recently added the album “Rosa” by Luísa Sobral, and have been listening to Só Um Beijo with pretty alarming regularity.

Usually, the interface lets you cycle between Shuffle, Repeat, and Repeat a Single Song. But all I saw was the ability to shuffle. After a day or so of repeating the song by hand, I explored around a bit and found where the additional controls had been moved.

If you click on the “…” in the top right corner, you can see some additional options. The ability to repeat (and repeat a single song) are now a few more steps away.

Maybe other folks don’t get obsessively hooked on a single song at a time like me, but I found this change highly inconvenient. I already feel like a crazy person for looping songs the way I do. Needing to take extra steps to account for my weird listening habits seems to verify that crazy feeling.

Luísa Sobral Sobral, Salvador Sobral: Só Um Beijo

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