Starting South Beach Soon: The Last Hurrah

Liz and I have been talking about returning to South Beach recently, and decided to start again on the diet come Monday. In the days leading up to (and including) today… we’ve been keeping an eye on all the foodstuffs we won’t be able to eat soon, and trying to see what can be finished before we have to throw it away.

Today, we planned an early breakfast at Roister as our last hurrah, before the diet begins. And afterwards, we’d go shopping to get a week’s supply of healthier food, as we plan on ordering out much less and cooking for ourselves much more.

We actually came here nearly a year ago, for Liz’s birthday. I don’t think I ever posted all those photos, unfortunately.

Last time we were here we had the Foie Toast (delicious), but decided to try some newer things and got the Aged Cheddar Rillettes.

I also ordered some doughnuts because… diet tomorrow? It was a mix of sweet and savory. Both were actually made out of the same kind of dough/bread, and I have to say when comparing them directly… the rillettes won, hands down. Possibly a new favorite.

We both got the same thing we got last time. For me, their take on Biscuits and Gravy.

For Liz, the Open Faced Egg Sandwich.

At the grocery store, there were no full size shopping carts. So we each got a small one and Liz decided to split the shopping list. And then, looking closer, decided to split it once more. This is us, quite literally, diving the working up.

Back home, we did a bit of meal prep for the week. Liz made an asparagus soup, we prepped some turkey patties for breakfast, marinated and cooked some chicken for lunch. I spent part of the time divvying up nuts as snacks for the week.

So for the next two weeks, we’ll hopefully be a bit more intentional about what we consume. And will be eating a lot healthier than we have been.

Also, the thing I’m sure helps the most and what I’ll likely dislike the most: no alcohol for two weeks. Avoiding pasta and bread and sugar/fruit isn’t too rough for me. And with the ability to eat larger portions with what we’re cooking, that part’s fine. But no sauce at the end of the work day is going to be a shift. One for the better though.

Starting weight for me? I think I clocked in at 193.4. We’ll see how well I do this time around. Hard to believe the first time we tried this diet was over ten years ago.

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