Darlingside: Harrison Ford

Amazingly, I may finally have gotten tired of Só Um Beijo. It’s been on my phone nonstop for the last week, and the only song I’ve been playing while listening to music at work. But today, I started browsing around and came across Darlingside.

I listened to a lot of their songs in the background, and let the songs drift across albums. And then this song started playing, and it immediately brought a smile to my face:

I make it to the bus, not a second to spare
But there’s freeze-frame traffic till the intersection where
I am scheduled for a meeting with a man who looks like Harrison Ford

The lyrics are silly and ridiculous (but describe a pretty awesome dream). That, coupled with the bright burst of notes at the end of each refrain is what I find most delightful.

It’s a super fun song, and not something I expected to gravitate towards. Might have found a replacement song that I’ll now obsess over. But thinking now that it likely won’t help curb my compulsion to walk quickly to work, each morning.

Luísa Sobral Sobral, Salvador Sobral: Só Um Beijo

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