Busy Nights, Lazy Nights

I dislike posts that are just “Gee, it’s been busy.” Those were the kind of posts I used to see on blogs, at the advent of blogging – the posts that would reappear after a long period of absence.

That said, I’m hoping I’m allowed a few of those. Keeping the blog updated daily has becoming harder of late. I end to go back and fill-in the missing days when things get busy, as opposed to posting per day. I fear if I keep up that trend for too long, this site will start to feel like a chore and that I’ll run the risk of letting it lapse too far out of date.

Maybe I need to take more breaks. Go wander around and take more photos. See a little more of the world beyond the walk to and from work, each day.

Despite not doing much house work this week, it’s been fairly busy for me since… about last week. I’ve been working a lot in the evenings on work work, and even on the weekends. When I do feel like I’ve caught up enough, I’ll just choose to sit in bed and play games on my phone, as a way of relaxing. For that small window, when I don’t feel like I have anything pressing I need to attend to, it’s been nice.

I continue to struggle to find a balance, in terms of work. A large part of me feels like a slower developer, and someone who just takes longer to get things done. So I’ve been putting in more time to ensure I’m finishing up the work I have slated each week.

That said, I do feel myself getting faster, feeling more comfortable with things. But I’m still logging long hours, and it’s been noticeably more so this last week or two. I’m really going to need to focus on defining some kind of balance between work and personal, particularly when our house work kicks in again.

[photo via Wil Porada]

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