Down Four

I held off weighing myself all last week, figuring that the day to day fluctuations don’t really provide much indication of progress. About a week in now, I hopped on the scale before my morning shower and clocked in at 189.4.

Talking more with Liz, half of that is likely water weight. So maybe two overall? Still, I’ll take it. Since I’m not doing any kind of exercise or physical activity, all I’ve really got is regulating what goes in. And the past week has been pretty decent.

I’ve started to notice hunger more, lately. The first part of the week was fine – I’d eat breakfast, then maybe eat the grilled chicken I brought from home for lunch around 2PM. Anymore though… I’ve gotten hungrier, earlier. Liz and I are both pretty hungry by the time we get home, and have started to cook dinner earlier and earlier.

I’m also snacking more, which is something I didn’t often do. And lately, I’ve noticed that even after dinner, after eating a decent serving, I’m still feeling a bit hungry. Snacking on nuts and cheese helps a bit, but it’s challenging to limit the amount of those snacks.

With no sugar or fruit the first two weeks, it also means no alcohol. And honestly, I thought this would be the hardest part of the diet. After a long day at work (and oftentimes with more work to do), having a glass of wine was a nice thing.

But I don’t really miss it, surprisingly. I thought about it more the first day or two, but it’s faded pretty far back to where I don’t think about it much at all. If nothing else, this change alone was worth it so far.

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