Revisiting Jim Kamin, Our Accountant

With me changing jobs last year, and the codes changing… we ended up returning to our accountant, Jim Kamin, to handle our taxes this year. I’m still getting used to the new building and location, but it’s definitely a bit more convenient for us (though I still do miss that lovely old office).

While waiting for our appointment, I looked down and was reminded that Jim is also a fan of poetry. It’s an old issue, but still made me chuckle to see it alongside a copy of “Fortune” magazine.

Sadly this year, we owe money. And a not insignificant amount of money, to boot. Which was a bummer. But as always, the process was quick and painless, and Jim walked us through every step of the way.

I got him to agree to let me take his photo the first time I met him, back in 2006. And I’ve turned that into a thing I do, each time we visit. It’s a very silly thing that has turned into a bit of a tradition (though I imagine from his point of view, Jim might just think of me as a weirdo client who has obsessive tendencies).

With how willing he’s been to let me do the photo thing, I’ve wanted to use each opportunity as a way to promote his business. So if you’re in the Chicago area and in need of an accountant – his info is below. Even if it’s close to April 15th, and you think he’ll be too busy to meet… he can still file an extension on your behalf, and meet with you after the deadline passes. So reach out if you need:

James C. Kamin
216 S Jefferson Street
Suite 201
Chicago, IL 60661

P: 312.751.1253

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