Wasting Real Time in Imaginary Places

It’s been an interesting weekend. I fought against this strong, internal instinct to do more work work (catching up on some things, getting a head start on the following week). It really took some effort for me to unplug, and to prevent myself from hopping on VPN and attending to work over the weekend.

I have to say that the last two weeks have not been a good balance for me. I’ve put in a lot of hours outside of the normal 9-5, and it simply wasn’t very sustainable. Even so, I felt a gnawing, a pull back to the laptop.

I’m happy to say that that feeling subsided with each passing day, and I did manage to avoid doing any work work these last few days. Which was very recuperative.

Today, I pretty much went in the completely opposite direction. Instead of doing anything productive, I spent most of the day doing the most unproductive thing you can do: play video games. And it was glorious.

I put in some time on Far Cry, New Dawn (a game I got for my birthday). While the graphics and gameplay are fun, it’s a pretty familiar structure: accrue weapons and skills, take over certain points on a map, and slowly complete the storyline.

Not a lot to report, beyond the fact that I didn’t work and mostly played. Which made for a nice day off.

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