Cabinet Demo

It’s been a busy few weeks on the work front for me, but things have slowed a little in the last week. Or rather, I’ve tried to slow things down a little more, so there’s a better work/life balance.

Saturday was a bit more open, in terms of time. My alarm went off early (around 6:30), but I hit snooze and the next thing I realized… it was 9:00 AM. Which is incredibly late for me, even on a weekend.

Despite the late start, I did get a bit of house work in today. Removing the old cabinet next to the dining room fireplace has been on my to-do list for a while now. It’s not an urgent task just yet, but clears the way for some upcoming work in that area. It’s demo, but it’s “light” demo, and something I felt I could knock out (see what I did there) in an afternoon.

This old thing has had its time, and needed to go.

Unfortunately, my sawzall was acting up… so most of what I did involved crowbars and a hammer.

Took me longer than I thought to get those shelves out of there.

Down to the studs, with plaser and lathe removed. There’s still a bit of cleanup work left, and a few other studs to remove. But for now, the brunt of the demo is done.

A fun discovery – some of the work I did upstairs bled downstairs. So I had two spots to clean up, afterterwards.

Dining Room and Hallway Demo, First Floor – Part 1
Dining Room and Hallway Demo, First Floor – Part 2

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