Mick Gets Some New Hats

Prior to our errands, we stopped over to visit Liz Rench and Mick. With his new celebrity status as the World’s Oldest Living Bunny, there’s been a lot of media coverage about him lately.

Liz got to make Mick a few extra hats, should he need something new for any upcoming media interviews.

The celebratory hats, from his birthday and for his official title photo. I love that his hat collection is now growing, thanks to Liz.

Mick, sporting a little visor.

And a small beret. There’s a third, but didn’t get a photo of that one.

Was nice to catch up with Liz Rench, and to hear about how interesting things have been now that more people are learning about Mick.

Mick is an Official Record Holder (and Famous)!
Congratulations, Mick: The Oldest, Living Bunny Rabbit in the World!

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