Long Coding Day

Spent some personal time working on my own project for a change, which was really nice. More than nice, it felt very invigorating. The last few months, my main focus has been more on work work… and to have some time to do what I want was a really great feeling.

Most of what I’ve done with Twitter so far involves a scattershot of calls. I’m usually searching for just a single phrase, or sometimes for a series of phrases.

What I’m leaning towards now is handling a very large burst at once – maxing out the rate limit in one huge shot, and storing all those results in a database.

So far, I’ve gotten my searches down ok. And today, I spent more time setting up Express, routes, and trying for the life of me to remember anything I did with mongoDB oh so long ago.

I’m surprised to say that I made a lot of progress, given just one day. And that I got a lot of distance covered, with data being fetched from Twitter, stored in a local db, and then retrieved and displayed again. There are still gaps in my understanding, but getting ramped up again seemed to take a lot less time, this time around. Which feels really nice.

I’m nearing a point where I think I’ll be fine-tuning soon. And possibly spending more time wtih CSS, which is exciting and awful to me in equal measure. I have no good eye for design, and my CSS is mediocre at best… but it’s the part where things go from awful blocks to something that looks (hopefully) pleasing to the eye.

All in all, after a long week of staring at a nightmare rectangle, it was quite relaxing to spend a Sunday in front of my personal nightmare rectangle. I’m actually feeling quite excited again, for the first time in a long while… and can see myself getting up early during the week, to put some time into this. A sure sign that I really like what I’m working on.

MongoDB Final Exam

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