Remembering Notre Dame

Today, I happened across the news that Notre Dame cathedral was on fire. It was mentioned on Twitter, and at the time most of the news outlets were just starting to spread the news.

I saw a few of the videos of the flames, and it was heart-wrenching to watch. After seeing one or two snippets of video, I decided I couldn’t keep watching anymore… and largely tried to ignore it. The footage I saw looked bad – really bad.

Back home tonight, I’ve heard that one or more of the spires collapsed, but that the body of the building may have been saved. Whatever damage occurred, it’s been tremendous:

It seems a paltry thing, to share my own limited memories of that building. But I’ve had the good fortune to visit Paris not once, but twice… and to have seen the cathedral both times.

The first time I saw Notre Dame was during my honeymoon in 2009. We stayed in a small hotel room, not too far away.

Six years later, I got to see it again when I visited Paris with friends.

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