An Inside Outside Work Day

Long work day today – Liz and I split up, with me working upstairs in the office and her outside on the yard. My task today: clear out some of the floorboards and clear up the debris between the joists from last weekend.

Liz, braving the space beneath the front porch to retrieve some gardening supplies. Given how much she dislikes scampers, this really was a bold move for her.

Liz, updating the garden boxes.

// Edit: How much of a nerd am I, that I used the term “updating” here. Not replenish, not adding. Updating. Because everything is a computer to me.

Back inside – I got my area cleared. It was a slow process of cutting the boards, pulling them up, pulling up any stray nails, then using the shop vac to clear away the debris. Rinse and repeat.

I couldn’t go and do everything in one shot, due to me needing to balance the shop vac somewhere. So it was demo a little, clean a little. Bit by bit.

For two hours, I broke off from my inside work to help Liz outside. We relocated a few plants, in anticipation of some upcoming deck work this summer. The hostas wouldn’t fare well if we tried to move them in the middle of summer, so now was the time.

The garden box, looking ready to get full again.

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