Easter in Valpo

Liz and I headed over to Valpo today, to hang out with Julie and Bob for Easter. We got there in the early afternoon, had a drink, and chatted and caught up on their back porch.

The weather was really phenomenal. Perfect temperatures, blue skies, and a very slight breeze.

Later in the afternoon, I was walking the property with Bob. We paused on the far edge of their yard, and I took a few photos looking back across the yard towards the house.

Bob’s got a new tractor/mower that he’s excited about. Given how large the lawn is, it takes a great deal of time to mow it each week (and it gets out of hand quickly, if it’s not mowed each week).

In this spot, I was reminded of the time that the truck got stuck here.

A delicious meal that was both Keto and South Beach friendly. Well the wine wasn’t, but I think everything else may have been.

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