Cleaning Session

After work, Liz and I both suited up and spent a few hours working on some cleaning tasks. I was downstairs in the basement, and she was upstairs in the bathroom.

For my part, I wanted to clean up some of the space. Over the weekend, Bob had taken a lot of things out… which gave us a bit more space to move around. It seemed like the opportune time to do a little tidying up.

Bob’s planning on working in this area, and I wanted to get the drywall out of his way before he started.

While this was way lighter than the soundproof stuff we used on the bedroom… it was still a little cumbersome for me to maneuver solo. I was slow, but got it done eventually.

A lot of debris had fallen down here, so it was nice to finally clean this all up.

Everything stacked up all nice and out of the main walkway.

Still a little dusty, but better than she was before. I know it’ll all just get dirty again, but sweeping this whole area (and the back basement as well) makes it feel just a little nicer down here.

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