Hey There, Sailor

There’s been a lot of construction in Daley Plaza this week, and I wasn’t really sure what was going on. At first, it seemed like maybe someone was having a really fancy wedding here (given all the white everywhere). But on closer inspection, the structure seemed too stable/permanent for a single event.

On passing by, I saw concrete blocks and cranes and construction guys aplenty. And then something, far in the distance caught my eye.

No idea what this is, but I love it. In my head, this guy is the foreman overseeing everyone else. Or maybe some kind of fixture that will sit atop the whole tent structure, much like a star sits atop a Christmas tree.

Only later, on my way home, did I actually bother to stop and read some of the signs posted along every single barricade. Looks like all of Daley Plaza will be set up for Germany Week.

Still not sure where the sailor fits in, though.

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