Soggy Streets

Despite filing a service request with the city a few weeks ago, the street is just as bad after another heavy rain. Just as bad, or worse, even.

Parts of the curb along our street were submerged.

I get that the rain was heavy today, but still I feel like things should have drained a bit more than this. Particularly since I already sent a request (and photos) back in mid-April… and also got an email confirmation from the city saying that my request had beem “completed.”

With all the road work that happened last year, I wonder if they ever fully completed everything. Given all the flooding, it seems like the sewer/drains may not have been properly connected (or even set up at all). The whole block has been like this now for a while.

New Curb, No Driveway
Street Concrete Work
Street Work Completes
Water Rushing Out and Back In
Early Morning Roadwork
Complaint Surprise

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