Clearing the Parkway

With the weather being decent, and the rain finally letting up – Liz and I spent our day outside. I ended up mowing the lawn out back (sorely needed), then joined Liz is tackling the parkway.

With all the road work that happened last year, the city works put in a ton of sand and also hydroseeded all the parkways. We didn’t stop them in time and as a result, had a lot of grass beginning to grow everywhere.

My short-term solution was to just pull out the topmost layer, and take out the grass everywhere. Which made for a lot of soil removal, but seemed the fastest way to get the job done.

We’re back to having a lot of soil in containers, on the side of the house. Maybe we’ll find a spot for it in back, or maybe we’ll have to include it with our next Bagster removal.

Looking back at our front yard, plants are really starting to come in. And everything looks lovely with the sunset.

Early Morning Roadwork
Installing a Brick Path Along the Parkway

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