Demo and Cleaning

It’s been a busy week at the house. Bob’s been over this week, working at our place while we’re away. And he’s gone usually, by the time we return home.

Earlier this week, I had some demo to do to clear the way for him. And the last few days, there’s been demo and debris from Bob’s work day that we’ve cleaned up.

Liz, exhausted as she was from the weekend, did a lot of clearing and cleaning last night. And tonight, I picked up again in the basement and first floor. Though it’s tiring stuff to do after a full day’s work, I still feel like we’ve gotten the easier end of the bargain – and are all too happy to clean up whatever messes occur, while Bob’s helping fix up our place.

From the weekend until now, between the house work, yard work, and normal errands we’ve had… it’s felt pretty busy. Looking forward to taking a night off soon, just to recuperate a little.

[Photo via Brina Blum]

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