Darlingside: White Horses

I’ve been listening a lot to Darlingside lately. I got into them a few months back, and really liked one song (“>”Harrison Ford”), but didn’t get hooked on the album.

In the past week or so, their latest album (Birds Say) is all I’ve been playing. Pretty nonstop.

In particular, “White Horses” is one I’ve gone back to a lot. It’s weird in that I don’t necessarily have this song on repeat (a compulsion I seem to have with songs I like). Instead, I’m looping the whole album. But there are snippets of songs that are stuck in my head, and these lines from “White Horses” tends to have me wanting to listen to it yet again:

Every year it’s about the same
I’m swimming in my dreams across the lake
in second place

I hadn’t really seen much of their official music videos, but there are actually quite a number of them on Vimeo. That said, the videos I’ve seen of the group performing live suggest to me they’d be pretty amazing to see in person.

Darlingside: Harrison Ford

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