Long Coding Day

Had quite the indulgent day today, where most of my hours were spent just sitting in front of my computer, working away on my own project.

I actually made great headway on things, and felt a great deal of satisfaction from the work. It’s been a long, long while since I’ve been this motivated (or spent this long in one stting), trying to tackling something for myself.

A fun mix of random crap and notes (on the left), with some CSS fun on the right. Playing around more with CSS Grid, Variables, and Custom Properties.

It’s been interesting to compare my process now, versus me from a year ago. While I’m still struggling with my own sense of competency, I do notice myself working faster than I have before. Quicker to make certain decisions, quicker to know what the next best step is. That’s been a somewhat nice surprise, in addition to having the luxury of time today.

Usually in moments like this, I end up just wishing I had more time. Because honestly, who has enough time to do all they want to do?

But after today, I’m pretty content. I can go back to sneaking in an hour here and an hour there. After today’s session, it feels good to have made things just a little more solid. And feels like a good days’ work.

Long Coding Day

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