Sneaky Squirrels

I was up early this morning, and walked down our driveway to check on something in the backyard. I heard some skittering noises above, and when I looked up… I saw this:

Not one but TWO squirrels, looking down on me like I was some kind of interloper. On the right is the squirrel that was atop our neighbor’s house; on the left, just out of view, is the guy who’s been doing the Indy 500 on our roof most mornings.

Both these guys were looking down at me. Judging.

And I swear to you, when I walked back past them to my car… I thought I heard something hit the ground behind me. I’m fairly convinced one of them threw something at me.

These city squirrels are all a bunch of street toughs. My guess is they’re just looking to get inside, so they can then be pampered and cared for.

Interrupting Mr. Squirrel’s Dinner
Two Frisky Squirrels

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