Post-Work Drinks

Didn’t end up taking any photos, but my team had an early “happy hour” today where we knocked off around 4PM or so.

We don’t do this sort of thing often, but I really enjoyed hanging out with folks and chatting a bit outside of the context of our day to day. I learned a good amount about my coworkers, and just got to talk about other stuff that wasn’t all work or sprint related.

I did end up being among the last few at the table. And there were attempts to order Jaeger bombs. And these attempts were thwarted due to them not having Jaegermeister. And compensation was given in the form of Vegas Bombs, which I’ve learned are terrible, terrible drinks. Which we got to drink for free the first time, and decided to order a second round despite the being terrible, terrible drinks.

Things were not quite as bad as the Holiday party incident of 2018, so there’s that at least. But I think that I’ve got some fine-tuning to do, in terms of pacing myself at work functions.

That said, we’ve got another work outing in a week or so… which should be really fun. Will definitely post up some photos then.

[photo via Gabriel Gurrola]

Grubhub Holiday Party, 2018
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