Racing the Rain

Liz and I had big plans for the day, and we got an early start. With rain in the forecast, we were trying to get as much done as we could, as early as we could.

I cleaned up the living room a bit, got some boxes packed, and hauled a few things over to our storage unit. After that, I went and got our groceries for the week. Meanwhile, Liz was getting set up to work on the parkway.

When I got back, Liz had things organized and arraged where she wanted them. I learned that there was a lot to consider, in terms of placement: color, how often the plants would bloom, and how tall/big they might eventually get.

Liz, starting to get a few into the ground.

For my part, I was in back working on mowing the lawn.

The sky started getting darker and darker, to the point where we had to start talking about contingency plans.

When the rain finally came down, we were still in the process of packing up. We ended up using some shims as markers, for all the plants Liz didn’t get to put in.

Last weekend, Liz felt like she had lost her Hori-Hori knife. Guess what I happened to find today.

They look like tiny little tombstones, but served as pretty decent placeholders.

The one nice thing about today was that the rain forced us to stop working right around 3PM. Usually on house days, we’ll keep on plowing through and work into the evening. With the weather, we had no choice but to stop. And got to enjoy the remainder of our Saturday, resting and relaxing a bit.

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