Post Work Planting

Looking at the week, there was a lot of rain in the forecast (at least, there was when we looked on Sunday night). The best day to get the remaining plants in the ground looked to be today, after work. So Liz and I got our grubby clothes on after work, and tried to get as much as we could with the last of the day’s light.

While she was in front getting more plants in the parkway, I got tasked with setting up the second garden box.

Mostly just leveled the soil, mixed in some fertilizer, and got new lines to square off the area.

Funny story – there were a few divots in the soil, which looked like they were the work of squirrels. As I was leveling out the soil, I found a few clumps that seemed a little mushy. I thought they might be rotting fruit or old plant matter. But on closer inspection, it ended up being… cat poop, covered in soil.

So the divots that I saw? Totally from a cat who was treating the garden box like its own, personal, enormous litter box. And I felt like I could sense a cat, hiding somewhere in the distance, laughing as I was holding its poop in my hands.

Out front, Liz was in a flurry getting all the remaining plants put into the ground.

Slowly but surely.

I helped get a few plants in to the first garden box. But I ended up going in to feed the bunnies their dinner. And halfway through that, I got paged for work… and ended up not helping much outside, after that.

When I got done with the page, and finished feeding the bunnies, and came back outside… Liz had finished a lot of the second garden box.

That book on the ledge there contains maps for both garden boxes. Liz has plans!

A view of the parkway, with all the plants in. There’s still a round of mulch left to do, which always looks super nice. But for now, it’s just good that these guys are all in the ground, officially and all.

Racing the Rain

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