Not the Nostalgia I Remember

So let me start this story the way it began: someone I follow on social media mentioned Alexei Sayle. I looked at his photo for a moment, and realized I knew him mostly from my vague memories of watching The Young Ones on MTV, back when I was in middle school.

“Oh that guy,” I thought. I think he’s a more popular comedian than I realized, and wondered what else he had done. Because I only knew him in the context of The Young Ones.

So I looked at his history on Wikipedia, and something caught my eye. He was originally hired to play a chef on a show called The Golden Palace, which was a very short-lived sequel to the very popular sitcom The Golden Girls. It was a seven year contract, but he was fired before the show began and replaced.

But wait – Golden Palace? I knew of the Golden Girls, but had never heard of this other show. There was a sequel?

So I started looking for clips of the show online. And reader, what I found was quite surreal.

The first 20 seconds of this video felt like watching Too Many Cooks for the first time. Totally weird, and not quite convinced what I was seeing was real.

The show starred three of the original Golden Girls (minus Bea Arthur), but also starred Don Cheadle and Cheech Marin!

Seeing this felt like peeking into an alternate universe. It’s definitely something from the past, but not from any past that I remember. Such a weird thing to see.

I actually ended up watching a lot of the first episode, which was pretty entertaining. If you’re curious, the whole (and only) season is actually up on YouTube.

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