A New Tree for the Front Yard

Liz and I had a dentist appointment in the AM, and planned on stopping by Gethsemene Garden Center since we’d be up in the area.

With the weather looking like rain for much of the weekend, today seemed like the best day to do work outside. Up until last night, the forecast had rain all throughout the weekend. But today looked to hold clear, so we opted to do yard work, despite the somewhat warm temps.

Our main goal: looking for a new tree for the front yard, to replace the Japanese Maple that died last year.

With a tree (and several flowers) procured and riding in the back, we headed home.

I spent a while mowing the backyard while Liz put in the new plants she just got. After all the newer guys were in the ground, we began to put down mulch.

Positioning the new Japanese Maple.

After a long (and pretty warm) afternoon, we rested up with some beer on the front porch. Shortly after this, the sun got too much for us and we relocated to the back porch steps (where it was much cooler).

A few photos of the mulched parkway, with the bricks back in place.

We’ve been fortunate to be around to see a few kids (and even a few adults) using this path.

In hindsight, it sure does make for a nice parking spot – particularly for anyone riding on the passenger side.

Another view, from the driveway.

A look at the front yard, with the new tree in place.

Today was a really busy, really full day. But despite all that, it was nice knowing that with the longer, holiday weekend… we still had two full days off, after today.

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