Clearing the Basement, Adding a Wall, Watching the Rain

Liz and I were working outside for much of the day today, while Bob was working on the inside. We got a lot of the yardwork/outside work done, and then came inside to work on house stuff.

Liz did a lot of re-arranging of things in the basement. We’ve got a lot more down here, but it’s all taking up more space than it should. After today, things feel a lot more open.

A view of the new wall that Bob put up, along the south side of the dining room. Exciting to see the old supports taken away (along with the supports in the basement). The dining room has gotten much bigger!

Late in the afternoon, I saw some commotion outside. The rain and winds sounded stronger than usual, and we all ended up going outside to watch the big storm pass by.

Been a while since I’ve seen hail. Though nothing has quite measured up to the hail we saw back in 2011.

Crazy Hail Storm, Logan Square
Five Minutes After Saying “Doesn’t the Sky Look Weird Right Now?”

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