A Fast Stomach Ache

Around 7:00 PM, as I was talking to Liz, my stomach started to hurt. And then it started to hurt a little more. And then it just kept on going.

I never got to the point of serious nausea, it was just a moderate amount of discomfort. But it was enough to where I couldn’t eat dinner. And ended up just sitting in bed the rest of the night.

At first I thought it might be food poisoning, from small bit of cheese I had as a snack. But given how long it went on, that seems unlikely.

Around 10PM, I was sipping on some seltzer and managed to get a few spoonfuls of peanut butter in my system. That was about it.

Weird that this came on some quickly. And more than a little annoyed that this is what felled me for the night. It’s like a child’s illness. I was out of commission due to a tummyache.

[photo via Olia Nayda]

Suddenly, Stomach Ache
When I have a stomachache

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