Charly Bliss: Blown to Bits

So here’s this weird thing: Charly Bliss is totally not a band I would think to listen to. I happened across this post on MetaFilter, and gave the album a listen. After a few songs, I added it to my library. And then I started to play it a few more times. And then I started to listen to it non-stop.

This was really a surprising thing, me learning I liked this super poppy band. But it’s gotten a lot of my Spotify time lately, and I can’t seem to stop listening.

Eva Hendricks’ voice is jarring at first, but only momentarily so. I thought briefly about my reaction to Joanna Newsom’s voice, and it seemed like the same transition: odd at first, but then a kind of “this works for me” realization.

Charly Bliss’ sound reminds me of a cross between Dressy Bessy and Metric (and now that I’m writing this, I kind of want to revisit those two groups).

So far, I’ve found the first 3/4 of the album fantastic. I tend to stop before I reach the end so I can start over from the beginning, but all in all… I’ve been super surprised that I like this group. I can’t stop listening, and think you should listen to them too.

[via MetaFilter]

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