Catching Up with Ian

After work, I got to meet up with Ian (who’s officially back in Chicago). We’ve talked a bit over email, but it was nice to finally meet up again in person and catch up.

Our original plan was to hang out at Punch Bowl Social, but on arriving we learned the whole place had been reserved for a private event. I’m not overly familiar with Fulton Market… but luckily, Ian knew of some spots and we settled at Ballast Point, nearby.

Where they had a few beers available.

It was nice to catch up on a lot of things: different cities, our jobs, working in tech (both as an individual contributor and as someone who manages/hires).

Ian was generous with his time and advice, back when I was looking for a newer dev role (looking to leave Sears, and getting with The Nerdery). Those were not easy times for me, and the counsel I got from Ian was very helpful.

Every time I talk tech with someone outside of my immediate work (as is often the case when Justin and I hang out), it feels good. It’s nice to hear about commonalities (and especially common struggles) from other devs, as my tendency is to internalize most things… and think it’s all just me.

Interesting note: the path to the bathroom at Ballast Point is comparable to some kind of epic quest.

No, seriously – it’s an involved process. On my way back from the bathroom, I passed by another patron in the stairwell who was getting help with directions from an employee.

Interesting bit of trivia! I learned that Ian is a backup-speaker for 20×2 Chicago! Excited to be participating in the upcoming show, and now… doubly so!

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