Repairing the Basement Furnace Walls

We got a really late start today, but Liz and I got into the basement around 1PM to do some house work. Bob took out the furnace for us, exposing this back wall that’s one of the last spots where we need to touch up with concrete and Drylock paint.

After prepping the surface, I went out to mix up some of the cement.

It took us a while, but eventually we started to remember how all this worked. At several points in time, Liz and I both uttered “It’s coming back to me, now” to one another.

As I was mixing, I would occasionally have to take the trowel out. Luckily, I had the perfect spot where I could set it down.

Liz, getting ready to work.

Mostly, I just prepped the cement and Liz did all the application work. Towards the very end, when she was finishing up… I went out and raced the clouds to get the lawn mowed (luckily for us, no rain).

The wall, covered. Next steps will be to clean up the platform and get a coat of Drylock on it.

My wrist is a little achey from the mixing (this stuff gets heavy/thick when mixing it by hand). I don’t think I’ve jacked up my wrist too badly, but it’s definitely off. Thankfully though, we don’t have any more work that requires hand mixing.

Funny epilogue: as part of dinner, I was preparing some instant pudding for dessert. And the processed involved more hand mixing. Work work work, all the time.

Finishing the Back Basement Walls
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