Valparaiso, Revisited

As a last minute thing, I ended up working remotely today from Valparaiso. I feel very fortunate with my job where I can do something like this with very little notice – as I know a lot of other folks don’t have the same luxury.

Woke up pretty early, and got on the road around 6:00 AM. While there wasn’t any rain in the forecast, the whole day looked pretty overcast. And in the morning, there was a significant fog all the way as I was heading East through Indiana.

One of the first things I did on arriving was to locate a big, six-gallon container in the garage and hopped back in the car to the closest gas station. With the lawn needing about 4 hours to both mow and sweep, I wanted to get a fairly prompt start in the mid-afternoon. And since I used up a lot of gas last week, I needed more.

In my rush and inattention, I filled up the container and was in the process of topping off my car when I realized I was using Unleaded 88.

I was savvy enough to avoid the diesel pump. But apparently I just grabbed the “not diesel” pump, without really thinking.

On closer inspection, I realized what I was using had about 15% ethanol. And while my car would be ok, the six gallons I got would definitely not work for the John Deere.

All this to say that my getting up super early and trying to knock this task off… ended up backfiring. As I more or less wasted a good deal of time getting useless gas. And had to grab a 4 gallon container later in the day, only to repeat the whole process over again.

That said, despite these inefficiencies… I was able to mow the lawn in somewhat less time than before. Slowly feel like I’m getting the hang of mowing a very large bit of property.

One nice bonus: after sitting on a bump lawn mower for 4+ hours, the ride home feels like gliding on clouds. Potholes and bumps in the road feel like minor tickles, and barely register. The whole ride home felt like actual flying.

Tending the Lawn in Valparaiso

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