Touching Up the Dining Room Wall

Previously, Bob had gotten a new wall set up in the dining room – replacing what used to be there with something newer and sturdier. He got most of the studs in, but there were a few remaining that Liz and I attended to today.

For the most part, Bob made things pretty easy. He had marked out positions for the remaining studs. So all we had to do was follow the patern of what we did with him, a week or so back.

We measured the height – went down, and cut wood to fit. Then knocked it in place, and drilled in each one. I struggled a bit with getting the angles right (broke a bit in the process of pre-drilling), but eventually got the hang and angle of it.

Afterwards, Liz cut up 14.5″ pieces to brace each stud. Those were remarkably tricky, as they kept moving around on me (probably should have used more clamps to hold things in place). This part got a bit frustrating, as I think both Liz and I were tired, it was getting late, and we hadn’t yet had dinner.

There are still a few smaller braces to cut and place, but we’re mostly done here. And waiting for Bob’s review, when he’s over next.

In the photo (above), the work we tackled was the last three studs (to the left of the door). And the (mostly straight) braces, in between.

Clearing the Basement, Adding a Wall, Watching the Rain
Dining Room Demo

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