A Light Road Trip: Day 4

After an early breakfast, Liz and I headed over to Morning Glory Antiques.

Hard to see the details here, but this is the chandelier we came to pick up (the shades were already packaged up, in a nearby box).

Lots of stuff to see.

This is Flea. Who was an expert at finding perfect places to lounge.

Getting lost.

In some spots, the items were almost set up like displays.

I really dug how the vase was displayed.

Tiaras for everyone.

Flea, somehow perfectly positioned on the edge of a table. With one paw extended, for balance.

Would have loved to have purchased this, if we only somehow had the money and ability to transport it back home.

From here, we had about a 7 hour drive back home. Liz offered to take a shift if I got tired, but I ended up plowing straight through for the wholet thing.

We ran into a few heavy storms on the way:

We made an extra stop to pick up the bunnies, and Liz drove from there back to Hyde Park (it was a welcome bit of rest for me, and gave her a chance to test out the SUV).

Whirlwind weekend. We got back home around 8PM or so, which was nice – but were utterly, utterly wiped out.

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