Dinner with Joanne

My cousin Joanne was in town for business, and we arranged to meet up for dinner in Fulton Market. I think it’s been nearly seven years since we last saw one another, which is pretty crazy.

We got a chance to chat about where we are in our lives. She’s getting married in a few months, and also coordinating moving to a new house at the end of this month – lots of big things all at once.

I also got to hear a bit of her work at YouTube, and enjoyed how we both have a foot in the tech world (and are more aware of the various news articles/rumors that usually only tech people know or care about).

We also talked a lot about work and stress, and how a lot of folks we know seem to be focusing a lot on work (“grinding” was a term used more than once). I learned that Joanne had a few more hours of work back at the hotel, after dinner.

It was a quick visit, but really glad we had the chance to hang out a bit. While I know we’ll see her at the wedding, I doubt I’d get as much one-on-one time to chat… so I’m happy we had the opportunity to do so, beforehand.

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