A.A. Bondy: Of the Sea

I’ve taken to listening again to A.A. Bondy’s album American Hearts, which is just such a great album. Specifically, I’ve been circling back around the slower song “Of the Sea,” the last song on the album.

The slower tempo has been a draw lately. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that Bondy is just great with words:

And our love, it is true
So there’s not much to do
As the air in our lungs
Starts to hiss

And the ocean, it rolls
And the depths take their toll
When we get to the bottom,
We’ll kiss

I really, really wish there was a better version of this video online. Bondy seems to be a great live performer, so I’m sad that this is just a glorified version of the song in video format. But better than nothing, as I’m hoping you’ll give it a listen.

A.A. Bondy: Black Rain

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